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Jun 19, 2023

The Best Baby Bibs For Mealtime and Everyday Wear

Home / Baby / Baby Shopping Guide Because no one has time for extra laundry. By Sara Goldstein August 7, 2023 We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you

Home / Baby / Baby Shopping Guide

Because no one has time for extra laundry.

By Sara Goldstein August 7, 2023

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy.

Feeding time with your little one is a delightful yet messy experience. (Ever take them right from the highchair and plopped them directly in the sink? Yep, we’ve been there too.) As your baby starts to explore the world of solid foods, or your toddler takes charge with a spoon, the right bib becomes your saving grace. (Pro tip: Splat mats are your friend as well.)

But let’s face it, when it comes to babyhood, bibs can be an all day accessory. Between bouts of spit up, and the puddles of drool that come with teething, there’s a good chance they’d be soaked without it. (And if my spit up machine of a daughter was any indication, sometimes they’re even soaked with it.)

From the days of drinking their meals to taking them at the table, or throughout the drool phase there’s a variety of useful bibs to have in your arsenal.

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Baby and toddler bibs are available in a variety of materials. Our go-to options include easy-to-clean silicone, plush cotton, and even organic fabrics for the eco-conscious parent. You want a bib that’s gentle against baby’s skin, yet up to the task of catching all those dribbles and spills. Silicone bibs are incredibly practical for those extra messy eaters, or when they’re learning to drink from a cup, while cotton baby bandana bibs provide comfort for everyday wear.

Remember when your toddler decided to wear their bib as a cape? Cute, but not effective. Adjustable neck closures can save the day here, ensuring a snug fit without being too tight. Look for bibs with multiple snap or Velcro options. That way, as your little superhero grows, their bib will grow with them.

Mealtime messes are inevitable, so a bib that’s difficult to clean just won’t cut it. Most of the best bibs are machine washable or can be easily wiped clean. Silicone bibs, with their spill-catching pouches, are especially popular among parents who’ve had enough of scrubbing and in some cases, can even be washed in the dishwasher. Always check the washing instructions to keep your bibs looking brand new.

Bibs don’t have to be bland! Colorful patterns, adorable animals, or even their favorite characters can turn a simple bib into your child’s new best friend at the table. If a dinosaur-print bib makes peas more appealing, then we say go for it.

When you go to all the trouble of putting them in a cute outfit, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look with a bib that clashes. (Also fine if you don’t care about this one bit!) If you’ve got an all-day bib-wearer, you might want to build up a collection of stylish baby bandana bibs or solid color muslin bibs that match their ‘fits.

As with all things baby-related, safety comes first. Opt for bibs that are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and PVC. Ensure that there are no small parts that could pose a choking hazard, especially if you’ve got a little one who loves to explore with their mouth.

In the world of tiny eaters, dribblers and droolers, the right bib is as essential as the perfect plate or bowl. It’s not just about keeping clothes clean; it’s about creating joyful mealtime memories (without the extensive laundry afterward). So whether your baby is taking their first bites or your toddler is a self-proclaimed food artist, these bibs have got you covered. Now, who’s ready for lunch?

One of the more innovative bibs we’ve found, this two-piece design takes the best parts of fabric bibs and silicone bibs and marries them together. Up top, you’ll find an extra high, waterproof nylon collar and capped shoulders that keeps their clothing stain-free. (It’s also machine washable.) Below, a removable silicone food catcher, wider than any other styles we’ve seen, which is easy to wipe clean or pop in the dishwasher.

Honestly, who hasn’t fed a baby and thought, “Next time I’m covering this kid with a tarp.” Invented by a UK mom of twins who literally cut up an old umbrella to solve the mealtime messes, Bibado cover-all bibs are basically the baby tarp you’ve been dreaming of. Available in short and long sleeves, the innovative design is made from wipeable stain and water-proof fabric which fastens directly to the highchair to keep your little one (and your floor) 100% mess-free. They even come equipped with straps that attach to their Handi Cutlery so you won’t have to pick up dropped (or thrown) forks and spoons. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this?

If you’re looking for maximum coverage that’s just a bit less tarp-like, check out the Bumkins Sleeved Bib. With long sleeves, elasticized cuffs and an adjustable tie-neck closure, it’s a total lifesaver when toddlers reach the “do it myself” phase and send food up to their elbows. Granted, untying the knot at the end of mealtime can be a pain, but in our opinion, it provides a better fit and protection from messes at the neck than a sized snap. The catch-all dual pocket handily takes care of what they drop. It’s also made from Bumkins signature single-ply waterproof fabric which wipes down and washes like a dream without holding on to smells.

With a wide array of fabulous colors and patterns, the full coverage waterproof bibs from Tiny Twinkle are another favorite meal time savior. Not only is the waterproof fabric super easy to wipe clean and machine-washable, it’s also made from recycled plastic bottles which makes our eco-conscious hearts happy as well. The hook and loop closure is stays put nicely but isn’t scratchy either (a feature our sensitive kiddos appreciate) and they’re lightweight enough too. We also love the bottom pocket which does a great job of catching messes. The fact it can double as a flip pocket to make it easy to fold and stash in our diaper bag makes it even better. Choose from two sizes (6-24 months and 2-4 years).

OXO makes some of the most innovative tools and gadgets on the market—and these clever bibs are no exception. The perfect hybrid of traditional fabric bibs and practical silicone catch-all designs, they feature soft poly up top to keep baby comfortable while the food-safe pocket collects whatever drops. They’re also super convenient when you’re on the go. Just tuck utensils into the pocket, roll it up and stash it in your diaper bag.

For first solids, we can’t say enough good things about the BabyBjörn bibs. Designed for babies age 4-10 months, the structured bibs are made from a BPA-free, food-safe plastic which means you don’t have to toss them in the wash after every meal (win!)—just wipe them down (or pop in the dishwasher) and save yourself a few loads of laundry.

They feature a soft, adjustable neckband which won’t chafe baby’s sensitive skin, and a deep front pocket that catches spills. Plus it holds its shape so the mess doesn’t squeeze out. They’re also blissfully stain- and odor-resistant. High fives all around!

What mom doesn’t love a multitasker? The cloud soft muslin Burpy Bibs from Aden & Anais are designed to perch on your shoulder burp cloth style or snap around baby’s neck as a full coverage bib. Because of their shape, they can even offer behind the head coverage when baby is laying down. (Which is where all the spit up goes anyway, right?!) They’re made from four absorbent layers of muslin which quickly absorbs the deluge and if we’re being totally transparent, we’ve kept them around for spills long after the spit up days ended.

From their generous size to the easy on/off lap shoulder design that keeps babies from tugging them off, the soft 100% cotton bibs from Burt’s Bees Baby are a longtime fave. The double sided design is made from a soft rib knit that’s durable and stretchy and an absorbent terry backing that’s great at soaking up dribbles. (That said, if you’ve got an super drooler, these might not offer enough wetness protection. And since they don’t have a breakaway design, we only recommend them for the pre-crawling stage.)

With high marks for absorbency and quality, these simple bibs feature 100% organic cotton on one side and soft, absorbent fleece on the other. While they’re not waterproof, the fleece definitely does an impressive job holding back the seepage and requires fewer changes than similar styles. Four nickel-free snaps at the neck allow for a wide range of fits, which means they’ll easily grow with your little one. It also makes them great at preventing leaks under their chin–an issue that happens when there’s too much of a gap. And while you can definitely toss them in the washing machine, it’s recommended to line dry as they can start to curl at the edges from too much heat.

For maximum coverage in colors that go with everything, you can’t beat the fleece-backed organic cotton bibs from KeaBabies. They’re soft and lightweight and designed with two sets of snaps allowing you to adjust to three different sizes. They absorb fast and throughly and at three dollars a bib, they’re incredibly economical as well!

Just because it’s there to catch drool, there’s no reason it can’t be stylish. The bandana bibs from Copper Pearl are made from 100% cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back to make them equal parts absorbent and cozy. They feature two snaps at the neck which allow them to fit from about six months to three years. They come in a ton of incredible colors and patterns, so be prepared to amass a real collection.

These two-in-one bibs from Nuby are absolutely brilliant. The stylish design is part drool catcher, part undroppable teething toy! Attached to the corner of the absorbent cotton muslin bandanna is a textured silicone tab that they can easily maneuver into their mouths when they need a bit of relief. When they’re not gumming on it, it helps keep the bib from bunching up, allowing _it to lay flat and actually catch the drops of drool. Bonus points for being super stylish and easy to wash. What more can we ask for?

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