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Jul 05, 2023

Recall on Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Robot Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Aiper, a popular brand of pool cleaners, announced a recall on their Elite Pro GS100 citing safety concerns from the battery overheating. Published on By Aiper has issued a recall for its Elite Pro

Aiper, a popular brand of pool cleaners, announced a recall on their Elite Pro GS100 citing safety concerns from the battery overheating.




Aiper has issued a recall for its Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaners due to a potential hazard related to the charging process. The recall was officially announced on August 24, 2023, following concerns that when the charging cord is plugged directly into the device without the adapter or directly into the charging port on the machine, the battery can overheat and short circuit. This poses a significant risk of burns and fire hazards, potentially endangering users and their surroundings.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

The product being recalled is the Aiper Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaner. This robotic pool cleaner is designed to make pool maintenance hassle-free. However, due to the identified issue with the charging process, Aiper has taken the responsible step of recalling the affected units to ensure the safety of its customers.

The Elite Pro unit, weighing 11.2 pounds and measuring approximately 15.9 x 14.2 x 10 inches, features a dark gray exterior with the “Aiper” brand name prominently displayed on the top/front of the device. The model name and number can be found on a label attached to the bottom side of the pool vacuum.

Safety Concerns and Incidents

The recall was initiated due to reports of the recalled pool vacuums overheating, with 17 incidents reported to date. While most incidents resulted in overheating, one report involved a minor burn to a consumer’s fingertip. Fortunately, medical treatment was not required in this instance, and no property damage has been reported. However, the potential risks associated with the overheating battery are too significant to ignore.

Remedy and Replacement

If you own an Aiper Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaner, it is imperative that you cease using the device immediately to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Aiper has taken steps to address the issue by offering a free replacement of Aiper’s Seagull Pro robotic pool cleaner to affected customers. Aiper is also providing a free return label for customers to send their recalled Elite Pro units back to the company. Upon receipt of the recalled product, Aiper commits to shipping the replacement Seagull Pro within seven days. The company is in direct communication with all purchasers to facilitate the recall process and ensure that replacement units are provided promptly.

Product Distribution and Cost

The affected Aiper Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaners were sold online from January 2023 through May 2023. The products were available through various online retailers, including,, and other authorized platforms. The price range for the recalled units was between $600 and $800.

Manufacturing and Distribution Details

The Aiper Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaners were manufactured by Compurobot Technology Company in China. The distribution of these units was handled by Shenzhen Aiper Intelligent Co., Ltd., also based in China.

For further information or assistance regarding the recall process, customers are encouraged to directly contact Aiper through their official channels.

LATICRETE Launches 254 PLATINUM Plus – The Ultimate Lightweight Thin-Set Adhesive Mortar

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This lightweight formula offers greater workability and a long 60-minute open time allowing for greater flexibility during the installation process

August 22, 2023, Bethany, Conn. — LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has introduced 254 PLATINUMTM Plus, a high-performance, lightweight thin-set adhesive mortar that builds on the strengths of the original 254 PLATINUM. This new formula features a lighter, creamier consistency for greater workability and an impressive 60-minute open time to allow greater flexibility for installers on the job site. Additionally, a 25lb (11.3kg) bag of 254 PLATINUM™ Plus offers the same coverage as a standard 50lb (22.6kg) bag of adhesive mortar.

“We understand that whether you’re a professional contractor, architect or a DIY enthusiast, productivity and performance are paramount. 254 PLATINUM Plus not only delivers on both fronts, but its smooth, creamy consistency and lightweight formula ensures it’s easy to work with,” said Jonathan Scott, LATICRETE Senior Product Manager.

The new formula exceeds ANSI A118.15 requirements, the industry’s highest performance standard for cement-based adhesive mortars, making it ideal for any interior, exterior or submerged installations in commercial and residential projects. 254 PLATINUM Plus is UL Greenguard-certified for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formulated without silica sand to ensure safer and healthier environments for contractors and end-users.

For greater peace of mind, the formula incorporates Microban® antimicrobial product protection to help prevent odor- and stain-causing bacteria and is backed by the LATICRETE best-in-class lifetime system warranty.

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Your phone, car, home – everything is becoming smarter year over year. The average American house has twenty smart connected devices, Europe is slightly lower with seventeen smart connected devices per household, and on average, a person has two and a half smart devices on them most of their day with projections that all these numbers will rise substantially next year.

Each of these devices is intended to provide either some level of security, automate a function of your home or work, or simply make a living a little more comfortable. Smart technology has, at times and with varying success, found its way into outdoor spaces, from our watches, and smart camping gear, to portable solar panels hitting the market.

Our yards, the extension of our very homes, have largely gone overlooked. There are products out there that have smart functionality, these products, like smart lighting, largely fall into aesthetic applications, though. Smart-yard technology has been in the infancy stages, with emerging products, like any emerging technology, carrying a high price tag for entry. Enter Aiper, who has promised to create an entire ecosystem of smart-yard devices to make your home life easier, and they’re starting with your pool.

The company has been improving and perfecting its cordless robotic pool cleaners since hitting the market in 2017. Just by looking at Aiper’s flagship Seagull Series and comparing it to other industry mainstays, two things immediately stick out before we even dive deep into some of the features. The Seagull SE, Plus, and Pro are all attractive, sleek, hydrodynamic devices with a sports car feel. Secondly, the price! The aforementioned SE, Plus, and Pro target your entry-level, mid-range, and professional-level cleaning needs and all come in at hundreds of dollars cheaper than most competitor models. That doesn’t mean they’re skipping quality, though, in fact, the Aiper Seagull Pro was CES Innovation Award Winner just earlier this year.

The Seagull Pro is, at the time of writing this, is Aiper’s most advanced cordless robotic pool cleaner. Looking at the spec sheet for the product, one of the things that immediately leaps out to me is that it provides up to three hours of cleaning on only a 90-minute charge. As someone who is terribly about plugging in their devices until needed, this is a big selling point for me as I won’t need to plan my day around charging my device only to wait longer to clean. Because let’s admit, nobody likes waiting and wants to wait to clean.

Moving onto some of the Seagull Pro’s other impressive features, the Pro bills itself as the first-ever cordless robotic pool cleaner to utilize a quad-motor design. Looking deeper into that, the device performs at 70w normally and a peak of 200w of power, with two motors dedicated to cleaning and two filtering up to 130 GPM of your pool’s water. While that all sounds impressive on paper, it’s hard to put into context without seeing for yourself, and if you want external references, YouTube is a great resource to find real-time comparison videos and time-lapses of the cleaning power of the Aiper Seagull Pro.

Is the Aiper Seagull Pro the cordless pool cleaner for you? If you want a complete cleaning, then yes, the Seagull Pro not only cleans your pool’s floor but also its walls and waterline and does so for pools up to 3200 Square feet and pools with a 30-degree slope. Aiper also boasts about its own in-house WavePath™ Navigation Technology, which reportedly increases cleaning coverage by as much as 30% compared to most other robotic pool cleaners.

But, now the big question is, is the Aiper Seagull Pro worth it, and will the smart-yard become a reality? Retailing at $899.99, the Seagull Pro is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most of the competition, and Aiper holds frequent sales to snag one at a discount, similar to Amazon, Aiper has its very own Aiper day sales which saves up to $200 off at Even at retail prices, any product that can eliminate the chore of pool maintenance for me has my attention. I spend three to five hours cleaning my pool each week, even if I’m not using it! Let’s average that, and, say, four hours every week over the course of the year is 224 hours. In just one year, that means the product would cost $4 per use (I won’t count electricity since that amounts to $5 for the whole year). $4 a week, $1 per hour to buy back my free time? Absolutely. I can easily get to the gym and have lunch with time to spare in four hours, assemble something from Ikea while my pool gets cleaned, polish up on my wife’s native language that I’ve been secretly learning, or write a chapter or two in my next novel. For the return on investment, I think it’s a hugely beneficial purchase.

Now, about that smart-yard, here, time will tell. I’ve been researching robotic lawnmowers for both efficacy and safety recently, but the price point for the upper-end models is still in the thousands! If Aiper can replicate the success of their pool products in terms of quality and price and apply that to lawn care, it will shake up the whole ecosystem of smart yard products. Beyond that, I’m encouraged to take the wait-and-see approach – anything that can eliminate a chore from my to-do list as the Roomba did for millions will get me to look closer. Our yard is a luxury, after all, and we should care for it, but with so many things to do, yard maintenance falls into that out of sight out of mind category. I welcome my chores being automated and can’t wait for the next Aiper industry innovation, but for now, they’re mastering the pool and making fans out of pool owners everywhere as they increase their global presence with the mantra “Bring Vacation Home.” As a remote worker, that, no pun intended, hits home.




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Super Pump is the world’s best-selling medium-head pool pump, providing efficient, dependable performance that balances excellence and value with ease. Super Pump XE Series pump offers the same performance as their single-speed counterparts at the same voltage (115/230V), providing a great upgrade option.

MaxFlo is the most economical choice for the trusted performance of VS technology, particularly for smaller pads and pools with limited plumbing options. MaxFlo XE Series pumps bear that same commitment to affordable reliability, making them the ideal upgrade.

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Source: Safety Concerns and IncidentsRemedy and ReplacementProduct Distribution and CostManufacturing and Distribution DetailsAugust 22, 2023, Bethany, Conn.www.Promotions.Hayward.comWhat Hayward Products are Eligible?XE Series MODELS, 3 FAMILIES, 1 SERIESTriStar® XESuper Pump® XEMaxFlo® XE