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Jun 23, 2023

15 Best Quick Dry Towels: Say Goodbye to Heavy, Wet Towels!

SheBuysTravel, Last Updated 08-09-2023 If you hate waiting around for a wet towel to dry, then say hello to your new best friend – the quick dry towel. Unlike traditional cotton towels, these thirsty

SheBuysTravel, Last Updated 08-09-2023

If you hate waiting around for a wet towel to dry, then say hello to your new best friend – the quick dry towel. Unlike traditional cotton towels, these thirsty towels love to soak up water and then quickly get rid of it. This means you can move on, instead of waiting around for a normal towel to dry. Plus they fold down smaller than terry towels. This is a huge win when you’re packing the car for your family beach vacation!

So, discover ultimate comfort and convenience with our roundup of the best quick dry towels on the market. Whether you’re an avid traveler, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the practicality of a fast-drying towel, our list is designed to help you find the perfect match.

This set of 3 quick dry microfiber travel towels from OlimpiaFit offers the benefits of absorbency, lightweight portability and compact packability in 3 different sizes. It’s perfect for throwing in your bag and bringing along for travel, workouts, beach days, camping trips or any outdoor activity.

The extra large Wise Owl microfiber towel packs a big absorbency punch in a tiny package, drying super fast while soaking up 10x its weight for true convenience on the go. At just 11 ounces, this extra large microfiber beauty folds into a pouch perfect for throwing in your pack and hitting the trail.

This 4Monster super absorbent camping towel combines ultra-softness, quick drying properties and strong water absorption in a variety of colors making it perfect for travelers, campers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The quick drying microfiber towel is lightweight, sand free and compact enough to stow in any backpack or bag.

The WETCAT extra large towel offers generous coverage for true beach blanket absorption yet the 100% cotton fabric remains lightweight, thin and packable. And, the loosely woven cotton construction allows sand to fall through easily, keeping the towel feeling soft and fresh between uses.

Sfee set of 2 microfiber travel towels features quick dry and ultra absorbent properties in a compact and lightweight design that is perfect for throwing in your gym bag, backpack or carrying case for use during travel, sports, outdoor activities or at the gym. The microfiber towels are sand free, machine washable and packs down small.

Microfiber travel towel from Rainleaf is perfect for throwing in your bag for the gym, beach, camping or any outdoor activity thanks to its compact yet generous size, ultra absorbency, quick dry properties and lightweight portability. The reusable microfiber towel can soak up water 7 times its weight and packs down to the size of an orange.

This large cotton Turkish beach towel from Genovega features a lightweight yet durable and absorbent construction. It is ideal for the beach, poolside or any outdoor activity where a large absorbent towel is needed that can also pack down small. Also, it has quick dry times, compact foldability and durable absorbency in 100% long staple cotton with an eco-friendly sand free construction.

JML set of 2 oversized microfiber towels features quick dry and highly absorbent properties in a lightweight design. It has quick dry times, lightweight absorbency, durability and fade resistance – making them perfect for travel, sports, fitness classes, yoga, camping or any other multipurpose use.

This oversized and eco-friendly beach towel from Seaview 180 combines the convenience of microfiber with sustainability by being made with 75% recycled materials. The ample size, lightweight portability and sand resistance make it perfect for the beach, pool or any outdoor adventure.

Orighty Microfiber set of 2 coral fleece microfiber bath towels has a soft towel feel, is highly absorbent and quick drying that is perfect for use after workouts, yoga, the spa or general bathing. Made from ultra plush fleece microfiber fabric, these bath towels feel exceptionally soft and cozy against the skin yet still provide impressive absorbency and quick drying performance.

Make moves in comfort with this BOGI microfiber travel towel that swells to 4 times its size thanks to its thirst trap ability yet compresses down to the size of a thermos for portability and easy storage. Soak up the benefits of lightweight absorbency, quick dry times, and easy packability on all your adventures.

Measuring in at a beach blanket sized 70 inches by 35 inches, this extra large microfiber towel provides plenty of coverage for full body drying yet remains remarkably lightweight and compacts down to a packable size smaller than a Nalgene bottle. The microfiber material is highly absorbent, soaking up water and sweat rapidly to reduce drying time and quickly eliminate excess moisture so you can move on to your next activity.

This 6 piece deluxe gray microfiber towel set from POLYTE features oversized, quick dry bath towels and washcloths. It is made from ultra-soft, plush microfiber with a waffle weave construction and rounded satin trimmed edges. Also, the absorbent microfiber towels dry faster than organic cotton for a spa-like experience, while the waffle weave pattern increases absorbency.

The SUTERA Silverthread waffle weave bath towel is crafted from ultra-soft 100% California-grown pima cotton and designed with a waffle weave texture that increases absorbency while remaining lightweight and quick drying. Moreover, the large oversized bath sheet is naturally dyed in a subtle heathered gray and features dobby edge stitching for a sophisticated spa-inspired look.

This set of 2 classic white 100% long staple cotton waffle weave hand towels from GILDEN TREE features a textured weave that dries quickly while remaining ultra absorbent. The lightweight thin yet sturdy towels are durable yet gentler on hands, perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms and spas.

Microfiber towels generally dry the fastest of all towel types. Since microfiber is made of synthetic fibers, it has tiny pores and spaces that trap water inside the fibers, allowing the towel to dry quickly from both sides through evaporation.

Microfiber towels are considered the best for quick drying because they absorb more water than traditional cotton towels and dry at least twice as fast. However, cotton Turkish towels also dry fairly quickly due to their thinness and loose weave that allows water to evaporate easily.

Yes! Microfiber towels dry extremely quickly, often in just a few hours or less. The moisture is distributed throughout the synthetic fibers, allowing it to evaporate quickly from the large surface area of the material. Many microfiber towels can be completely dry within 30-60 minutes.

Cotton towels do dry fairly quickly, especially Turkish or Egyptian varieties that have a thinner, looser weave. The absorbency of cotton is not as high as microfiber, but air can circulate freely through the fibers to allow water to evaporate quickly once the towel is hung to dry.

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